the Don Rosa Calendar sigvald at
Sat Dec 7 18:15:31 CET 2002

> "Lunnan & Hjort" wrote:
> It is surprisingly difficult to find the DR 2003 Calendar
> in the Oslo bookstores.

Off course it is! In Norway it's "correct" to sell and buy the
IMO low-quality/low-price PONDUS calendar. At least some of those
"correct" people think that the DR 2003 calendar is stuff for

> but at least some have them -- I found my copies at 
> Avalon.

I am *very happy* to see that you found it! You should off
course have the same rights to find *your* calendar as the
PONDUS-fans has to find their calendar. But unfortunately
at least some of the "correct" people act as if the situation
is not so.

Sigvald :-)

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