Olivier mouse-ducks at
Mon Dec 9 14:16:14 CET 2002

Hello everyone!

>> As you probably know, in the US they distinguish between
>> Donald's home "Duckburg" and Mickey's home "Mouston". Do
>> any of you know if that's the situation in any European
>> languages as well?

As Tommy noted,

>> in France Donald lives in Donaldville, a town situated on the west coast... of
>>France! Yes, it is... And Scrooge/Picsou has on his money bin the symbol of  franc...

I don't know about the location of  Donaldville; Gilles probably is more apt to address this issue;
as for the Franc, I guess the Money Bin's shield now bears the Euro symbol instead.
And Mickey lives in... Mickeyville!

Paris (nope, no Olivierville-- yet)

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