Mouseton vs Duckburg

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Mon Dec 9 14:45:48 CET 2002

I have never really taken to accepting Mickey lives in Mouseton (or even
that Donald lives in Duckburg).  The creation of Duckburg seems to me to be
a creation of Barks to meet a particular purpose at a point in time. I don't
know much about Mouseton other than I came across it in Gladstone comics.
Clearly the origin of the wider Mickey Mouse gang thru theatrical shorts and
early Gotffredson stories is that they all seemed to live in the same place,
(a small mid-west American town?) In the very earliest days, they all came
from the same farmyard.  In early British Disney Annuals (circa 1950s), the
gang lived in Disneyville.  I remember a Gottfredson story referring to a
place called something like Hometown. 

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