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Personally, I'm partial to the Donald in Duckburg and Mickey in Mouseton
version.  If I'm not mistaken, I think David Gerstein once said that here
in the USA it was also published that the name of Mickey's hometown was
once called Mickeyville, but I'm not sure. 

Reading many of the old DD/$crooge stories you see a primarily
Dogface/Duckbill/Birdbeak population in Duckburg with a sprinkling of
Pignoses and even less of others.  While in MM/Goofy stories you primarily
see Dogface/Pignose and a great variety of other races resembling cats,
goats, cows, horses, rats and even elephants running around.  Duckburg's
population resembling a farmyard with limited species, and Mouseton
resembling a cross between a farmyard and a zoo.  The reasoning, while
obviously flawed, seems to indicate that the two towns have a different
population of races... I'm sure it really boils down to what Barks,
Gottfredson and others were comfortable drawing, but the emphasis seems to
be there nonetheless.  Only on special ocassions do you see a story where
Clarabelle appears in a Scrooge or Donald story, and rarely do we see
Mickey or Goofy relations such as Morty & Ferdie or Gilbert running around
with Donald or Scrooge. Even special events like Christmas rarely sees the
two groupings mix (Donald and the Duck clan, along with Gyro and some other
natives of Duckburg have dinner together, while Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and
their friends and relations have dinner together without the Ducks). 
There's at least an insinuated seperation between the two groupings.

As for why Mickey and Donald (and others) ocassionally appear together, it
has always been understood that the two towns are not that far apart, and
with Mickey & Donald (and Minnie & Daisy), etc. being friends, it's easy to
see why they would take the time to visit eachother.  Scrooge, Gyro or
Ludwig, while in the next town, is still reasonably close enough if Mickey
or Goofy needed to seek their help, and vice versa.

Now the homes belonging to Big Bad Wolf, the 3 Little Pigs, Br'er Rabbit
and Bambi are a little further.  And Jose Carioca's even further.  But this
is an extirely different issue. LOL!

It works for me anyhow.

-Rich Bellacera

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