Benny Burro & Barney Bear by Barks

Gerd Syllwasschy gsy at
Tue Dec 10 11:45:42 CET 2002


> So  Barks
> had time to moon-light during those years and do these
> Benny Burro & Barney Bear stories?

"Moonlighting" is not the exact word. Those MGM stories were produced
and published by Western Publishing, too, so they were part of Barks'
regular working schedule. (The assignment may also have had to do with
the fact that there was a certain shortage of artists due to World War
II.) Anyway, Barks gave up the Barneys when his output of longer Donald
adventures increased.


Interesting to learn about the upcoming Barney/Benny album series! In
Germany there was a short-lived album series called "Barks Classics" in
1991/1992 reprinting Barks' non-Disney stories in good quality and a
beautifully done watercolor coloring. Originally, six albums were
announced, but the series was stopped after the second issue, so only
the first eleven Benny/Barney stories were published.

I gather from Peter Hartung's book "Manden og anden" that there was a
similar series published by Carlsen Comics in Denmark which was also
stopped after the second issue. Do you happen to know who is going to
publish the new series?


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