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>> Lately I recieved an e-mail saying taht I should add the
>> name "Fountleroy" as Donald's middle name in my "Who's who
>> in Duckburg" pages.
>> But do this "Fountleroy" name exist in the Barks/Ros universe
>> or is it just an obscure name from a story by antother artist?
> Isn't this name from some old Taliaferro daily?

No, the name comes from the 1942 Duck cartoon, "Donald Gets Drafted".
Quoting from "Donald Duck - 50 Happy Years of Frustration",

"In "Donald Gets Drafted" (1942) the inevitable happens. Donald Fauntleroy
Duck receives a greeting (number 13) from Uncle Sam on April 1, 1942."

Donald's middle name is about as official as anything about the Ducks is.


    Rob Wilson

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