Holiday Greeting Cards

Rob Klein bi442 at
Sun Dec 22 11:24:27 CET 2002

Happy Holidays to all.  I have finally (belatedly) finished drawing my holiday 
greetings card for DCML, which includes 2 drawings. They are far to large in 
memory, to send to individual list members, as they would likely block 
important mail from reaching members' e-mail boxes. As I do not have my own 
website, and know NOTHING about uploading, I must plead for help from some kind 
and helpful member. If any of you have room on one of your websites, and have 
the will and time to upload these drawings... please reply to me at 
<bi442 at>  , and I will send the images to you.  They are currently in a 
lage format.  They need to be reduced in size and placed one above the other.

I am sorry I am so late with them, but hope to send the note to the list to 
have members see them, at least from around Christmas Day to New Year's Day (if 

Thanks to Timo and Simo for their nice drawings.  I hope others also have some 
for us to see.



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