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> The pieces of Rosa are on ebay are from very early stories, when Don
> *did* recieve his artwork back.  In fact, he told me once that most of
> his early income came from that.  So, he probably sold the art to someone
> in good faith that they'd enjoy it for a long time, and now that person
> is trying to turn a profit on it.  Not very nice in my book, in fact, I
> recall that sort of thing as being one of the reasons why Don is
> reluctant to draw original art for people.

We've had discussion of selling artwork on the secondary market before. The 
question of whether it should be sold or not when received originally 
directly from the artist is one that we'll never resolve. 

No one objected to artwork by Carl Barks being resold on the secondary 
market, not even Carl; no one objects to comic books being resold. For those 
of us born after an artist has retired or died, the secondary market is the 
only place to buy any original artwork.

I've never sold any original artwork I've bought -- including artwork by Don 
Rosa -- but I don't see anything wrong with someone, for whatever reasons 
selling an item -- changing hobby interests, financial need, moving to a 
smaller home; it only lets a new individual enjoy the piece. 

Kindly remember that without dealers and a secondary market, not only would 
the artwork have little or no value -- we all know what happened to original 
pages when publishers thought they were worthless after the comic was issued 
-- but more important, older material would be difficult if not impossible to 


William Price
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