Buying and selling Disney artwork

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Tue Dec 24 19:08:20 CET 2002

Right on Harry Fluks and William Price. Come on Rodney!

I collect Disney artwork and when i find a source i buy as much as i can afford. Larger purchases always get bigger discounts. I KEEP the best ONE or two and SELL or trade the others to pay for the ones i keep and to get more art.That is the way a poor person can build a collection. After 33 years of buying Disney art my house is wall to wall Rosa,Jippes,Barks,Gottfredson and others.They all happily received way more money for their art than the studio ever paid them for it. I never purchased on a "good faith" agreement that i would enjoy something for a long time.They never even suggested it. I also paid their asking price and did not quibble.I of course, am not talking about free fan drawings.

Have a good day.--dennis

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