original art (again)

Rodney w bowcock jr. rodney-selfhelpbikeco at juno.com
Wed Dec 25 19:49:36 CET 2002

After giving it alot of thought, I have changed my opinion somewhat on
the sales of original art.  I understand the sales of pages of art from
stories, but I think I'm still entitled to a level of irritation when
someone is selling a piece of Rosa art that has "To Bill, from Don Rosa"
or something like that enscribed on it, because then I know for certain
that Don never wanted that piece sold.  It was drawn specifically for
that person, and never meant to be resold.

I also collect old-time radio programs, and I have many shows in my
collection that very few other people have.  Some of these came from
private collectors with the original discs, some have come from the
library of congress, and other sources.  When I agreed to take those
shows, I had to at the very least assure the person who gave them to me
that I would not give them to anyone else (twice I've had to sign legal
documents stating such).  If I was to turn around and sell them on ebay
(which some people are doing) I'd be blacklisted from several trading
circles that I operate in.  Sort of seems like the same thing to me.....

Rodney Bowcock
(who is the other resident non-celebrater, and has no original Rosa art)

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