R: comic shops in Norway?

Elena Baldi elenabaldi at libero.it
Mon Feb 4 22:45:38 CET 2002

This reminds me that I am going to UK in March, to be precise, London, York
and Derbyshire.
Although I lived in England for 10 years I have rarely been able to find any
bookshop that sold old USA Disney comics. Maybe some of you know some
special place that I never managed to find out?
Please let me know.
Also I joined the list in 1999 (while I was still living in England) and I
have learnt a lot by reading all the infor that you all exchange. Thank you
for it and please carry on!. I love all this.
Thank you Elena

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Next week I'm going to Oslo, Norway. I will also be driving north to Hamar
and beyond. Can someone give me advice on nice places to go to to look for
Disney comics? Are there any special publications out right now that I can
look for?

Kind regards,

Arthur de Wolf
DCW: http://www.wolfstad.com/dcw

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