Lindgren in "Donald Duck"

Michael Schartau michael.schartau at
Wed Feb 6 14:36:11 CET 2002

>Dan Shane
> Ms. Lindgren's famous character was known as Pippi Longstocking in the U.S.
> (I'm guessing that "Longstocking" is a literal translation of "Langkous",
> eh?)  She wasn't just read by little girls over here in my boyhood days,
> either.  I read all the PIPPI books myself at least once, and lots of my
> male friends did the same.  Of course, that was back when Americans actually
> read comics and books.
> Dan

Well, both Longstocking and Langkous is literaly translations from "Laangstrump" as it is written in swedish . And Pippi is a book for children and their parents, not just for girls.

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