Greek Voters

Rob Klein bi442 at
Sat Feb 9 17:56:36 CET 2002

The Greek voters were not necessarily irrational when they voted Romano Scarpa 
the best Italian Disney comics artist, and voted Giorgio Cavazzano's Duck 
stories best.  Logic dictates that those voters, as a group, think that 
Scarpa's non - Duck artwork (i.e. Mouse Universe stories) is so excellent, that 
he is the greatest of the Italian Disney comic artists.  The fact that those 
same readers feel that he is only the second, or third, or fourth best 
Italian "Duck" artist does not reduce his excellence.  These are the same 
feelings that I have.  As I admittedly had my taste in "Duck art" molded by 
first being introduced to it by Barks, I lean towards preferences in like 
styles. Therefore, although I DO prefer the results of any experienced and 
artistically-flaired hand, the chosen style of the artist is always a factor. I 
DO appreciate the Ducks of Scarpa, but less so than Daan Jippes(Barks 
influenced style), Freddy Milton (early work), Ben Verhagen, Jan Gulbransson
(later work), and even Pat Block's best work.  Yet, I enjoy reading his Duck 
stories very much. I feel that Scarpa's Mouse artwork is "classic", - with 
comperable quality to that of Gottfredson, Gonzales, Wright and Moores of my 
youth. It is in the first tier of my favourite style for Mouse story 
atmosphere.  Scarpa's Duck artwork (because of the style) is only in my second 
tier of Duck story atmosphere, along with the work of Tony Strobl (pre-1959 
work), Daan Jippes' "Murry influenced style", and other great artwork that is 
not in the particular style that allows me to enter the "World of the Ducks" 
completely, while reading the story.


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