Sequel to Snow White

Dan Shane danshane at
Thu Feb 14 15:02:30 CET 2002

I don't think any reasoning being (that lets out Disney Marketeers) would
disagree that the direct-to-video sequels that the Mouse has been churning
out are nothing more than shameless grabs for dollars.  The "films" could
certainly never be accused of trying to continue a tradition of art and

All the same, I cannot fathom why people who don't like them can't just
ignore them.  If Disney were replacing the originals, rather than just
tacking on formulaic afterthoughts with Roman numerals in the title, then I
could see the beef.  I've personally never acknowledged that there are more
than 2 Indiana Jones movies.  I certainly never felt the urge to write the
Lucas-Spielberg team to demand that TEMPLE OF DOOM be removed from the
canon, as I could just do that myself.

I don't like all the OZ books, but no one is forcing me to purchase or even
read any of them.  Still, I delight when the reproductions of the old L.
Frank Baum, Ruth Plumly Thompson, or even the Jon R. Neill volumes hit the
bookstore, as I'm finally able to own nice copies of the books I grew up
with.  If BOOKS OF WONDER decides they want to issue new copies by some of
the other writers, let 'em.  I'll still have my favorites to enjoy.

Now, if someone objects to the censoring of established Disney classic
animation, I'm a member of that club.  Hardly a single DVD has come from
Mouse House without some snipping.  Pecos Bill no longer rolls or smokes
cigarettes (which means the immortal Roy Rogers had some of his ballad cut
as well), and the Martins and the Coys can never be seen a-feudin'.  And
please don't get me started on SONG OF THE SOUTH.  Europeans have been able
to buy copies as recently as a couple of years ago, but I seriously doubt
that Americans will ever get to own a nice transfer without Japanese
subtitles. And I will NEVER get to see VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER in any
form, lest our German or Japanese friends object.  That doesn't stop stupid
"epics" like PERAL HARBOR" (a Disney product) from being made, though.

If Disney wishes to turn the vacuum on parents' wallets with drivel like
like SNOW WHITE II, who am I to object?  Somebody's buying that stuff, bad
or not.  I just wish they would recognize the historic importance of
preserving their original product instead of pretending they have a
conscience.  Disney's hypocritical pretense that they are thinking of
anything other than their coffers when editing their older films is just
another excuse for people to turn Mickey posters into dartboards.

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