Sequel to Snow White?!

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Fri Feb 15 11:45:37 CET 2002

>From: Kriton Kyrimis Again, I ask, why single out the Snow White sequel for 
>our wrath?

I wasn't singleing out this one. SW is current one, going to be produced 
soon, and I guess that's why this petition was made to consider this movie.
Wrath is bit too strong word. I'm not strongly and fanatically objecting 
this sequel thing. I just think it is needless to do them.

>I'm not sure why you object to one-shots, while you don't mind serial
>form. What's good about the continuing stooooory (to borrow a phrase from
>the Muppet show) of, say, Snow White, and why would a one-shot story
>be bad?

Slight misapprehension here. I'm not objecting one-shots. SW-movie was made 
as one-shot, something that has no need to have sequels. So it should 
remain. Comics that have been made, are just byproducts to the film and 
there can be as many episodes as someone is willing to do. I just think this 
way.. Why? eh...
Perhaps we should have Casablanca II? Well, we got Gone With the Wind II.
Ah, if Hollywood studios have no logic, why should I have? ;-)

>Besides, those comic book stories didn't have any continuity,
>so you might say that they were all one-shots.

Absolute continuity is not necessary. Bond films are quite weakly related to 
eachother in means on continuity.
Barks himself made sequels: for example the second appearance of Magica de 
Spell can be seen as sequel to The Midas Touch -story.

>Growth hormone deficient person?

Snow White and Seven Growth Hormone Deficient Persons!

>Even the dwarfs were portrayed as children rather than as
>grown men.

Huh! They were not just midgets, but also mentally retarded ones too! 
Especially Dopey. 8-+ They must be portrayed more mature now on! Dopey 
learns to speak and so on... ;-)

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