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hi all,

it's certainly true that disney in the past has had a blatant disregard for 
their own history, changing even mickey mouse to fit whatever image they're 
trying to project at the momenty - just try to get an uncensored copy of 
steamboat willie or and of the early black and white mickey mouse cartoons.

recently, though, there have been a couple glimmers of hope. disney recently 
commissioned and released a film about ub iwerks, not only acknowledging his 
existence, but his importance to the company. it's been on tv in the us, but 
i don't know what release is planned for other places.

speaking of snow white, disney has just released a new dvd edition of snow 
white which is truly magnificent. not only is it complete, with fully 
restored picture and sound, it includes deleted scenes and explanations of 
how some of the special effects were achieved - not all were done with 
animation. its also got concept art, posters and more. not an advertisement 
for disney, just sometimes they do get it right.

i don't think we need a sequel to snow white any more than cinderella or 
peter pan. there was more to pocohantas' life, so a continuation there seems 
reasonable, even if the first film dealt with folk lore and myth, not 
historical fact.

besides, some sequels are as good or better than the originals: huckelberry 
finn; bride of frankenstein; godfather I; toy story II. of course some are 
pretty awful, too: star wars episode I; indiana jones II; rocky II and up.

even barks wrote sequels. whether or not you think "the money champ" is 
better or not as good as "the second richest duck," it's a great yarn.


william price

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