Sequel to Snow White?!

Don Markstein lists at
Sat Feb 16 17:55:43 CET 2002

>Fair enough, but my point was why single out the video sequel for
>our wrath, when there have been so many of them in comic books? Even
>Barks sort of drew one in "the Golden Christmas Tree", where he showed
>the wicked witch meeting with an end more akin to the one in the real
>fairy tale. (OK, he didn't show Snow White, so this doesn't count.)

Don't have any wrath, really. I just don't see the point. They can 
make sequels to anything they like -- it won't take a thing away 
from the original. But since it isn't likely to add anything either,
I doubt I'll pay much attention to it. I don't even know if I'll 
mention it in my Toonopedia article on the subject (http://www.toonopedia.
com/snowhite.htm). Depends, I guess, on whether or not the sequel 
has enough staying power to be remembered a couple of years later.

According to most definitions, stories of Snow White living with 
the Dwarfs, or Pinocchio still a puppet, or Ariel still a mermaid 
-- anything where the ending of the original story hasn't happened 
yet -- aren't sequels.

Quack, Don
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