Disney Duck Quiz

Don Markstein lists at toonopedia.com
Mon Feb 25 19:25:45 CET 2002

>Here's a Disney Comic Quiz! Everybody in it is in the Donald or 
Uncle Scrooge comics! 
Holy cow! It says I'm Blackheart Beagle!

>As a result of Norway's topography some 
>dialects are so differentiated, that if spoken properly, a dialect 
>will be able to determine within a few kilometers where the person 
>is coming from. Just by listening to the dialect.

That's not unique to Norwegian. I grew up in the American South, 
and someone once spotted what high school I attended, just by listening 
to my way of speaking.

I'm trying to imagine a situation in which I couldn't use speech 
patterns to differentiate character types, and am coming up blank.

Quack, Don

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