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Heike und Sven taeger-troschke at
Thu Feb 28 22:10:51 CET 2002

Hi all,

Rob Klein wrote:

>"Donald Duck Sonderheft (Die Tollsten Geschichten)" is the best regular issue 
>German (non-album) comic book in which to find Barks stories. 
... and he is absolutely right. :-) 'DD Sonderheft' is very well edited and it contains a very good selection of stories. A new issue of 'DD Sonderheft' comes out every two months. In the months inbetween they reprint an older issue, which you can also subscribe to.     

>I hope one of our German members will 
>provide the information regarding the Rosa stories.
In general the new Rosa stories are printed first in our weekly ('Micky Maus') and later in the Rosa album series. So it would be perfect if you could subscribe to that album series. I do not know if this is possible, though.

On the other hand, sometimes also 'DD Sonderheft' will contain a Rosa reprint, so if Fabio subscribes to that, he has definitely made a good choice. The next 'DD Sonderheft' will even contain the first German print of Rosa's 'Sharpie of the Culebra Cut' story, since the editors thought, it would be too sophisticated for the readers of the weekly. So, now is the ideal time to start your subscription. :-)

All the best
Sven-Oliver Troschke
(Not from the marketing department of Ehapa Verlag, the German publisher, even if the mail sounds like that :-))

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