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Soeren Schridde sschridde at web.de
Sat Mar 2 15:40:18 CET 2002

Rob Klein wrote:
> "Donald Duck Sonderheft (Die Tollsten Geschichten)" is the best regular
> issue German (non-album) comic book in which to find Barks stories. Ehapa
> will send subscriptions to that magazine to other European countries, I am
> not sure that they will send it world wide (but I believe they will, with
> the additional postage). It also often has information pages on a
> sophisticated collector's level, as opposed to "Micky Maus". I hope one of
> our German members will provide the information regarding the Rosa
> stories.  - Rob Klein

if wanted and noone else popped up before me, I'd be happy to provide 
you with the relevant data - maybe drop a short note if that would be 


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