François: Moby!

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at
Tue Mar 5 05:53:06 CET 2002


>Moby Duck in Mickey-Parade?!?! What kind of production is it? Reprints? Old
>US comics?
>Is he still spelled Moby Dick? I haven't got the latest Mickey-Parade yet
>but I am waiting forward to see it. Moby represents Kay Wright's &
>style to me. He is like Madame Mim. A no-character, a ghost, a zombie, a

Ahn.......I suppose it's the new Moby's adventures created by the
italians...I didn't read anything of it yet, I just saw it into an italian
comic some time ago.
Unfortunattely, nothing of it here in Brazil yet...! (Weel, we have Witch

Weel, I like Moby...I don't know why, but I like him!

Since we don't know a lot about it, i think some italian member can talk us
a few about this "new"(?)Moby!

See ya!

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