Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at tin.it
Thu Mar 7 08:40:46 CET 2002

From: Fabricio Grellet <fgrellet at canbrasnet.com.br>

> So, if you can help me, I need to know who created it, why, how, for
> what... and what does the Disney have to do DIRECTLY with it - not only
> because they own the company in which this product was generated (as far
> I know).

You can find all the data about the first issue of Witch (and the following)
in the Inducks Database:
http://www2.ec-lille.fr/willot/coa/c1/issue.php/0/it/W+++++1 for the first
issue and so on.

The main info (the story) is:
Title: Halloween  (60 p.)
Plot: Elisabetta Gnone
Story: Francesco Artibani, Elisabetta Gnone
Art: Alessandro Barbucci
Ink: Donald Soffritti
Color hints by Barbara Canepa
Colors by Mara Damiani

Disney had everything to do with it, it was a project born and developed
inside of Disney (If I got your question right... no, it's not an external
thing produced by Disney by chance).


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