Back to school... or back to Cibola?

Marco Barlotti marcobar at
Sun Mar 10 12:55:03 CET 2002

Is a lucky owner of "Dell Giant" #35 (October 1960) on this list?
He might help us Italians to identify a 22-pages, 3-tiers story that 
appeared on issue #261 of "Topolino".
This is a remake of Barks' "Seven cities of Cibola" but begins at HDL's 
school. Donald is their theacher and he announces to the class that they 
won a sort of "Fullbright scholarship"  ;-)  to visit a faraway island.
We suspect this to be the FIRST story of the comic book (16 pages but 
4-tiered) whose title is "HDL Back to school".
However the title just doesn't sound right for the plot. And the whole 
story seems to be misplaced among the other, simpler, stories of that issue 
35 of "Dell Giant".
So anyone who checks will do us a big favour.

Ah, I almost forgot...
In the Inducks we have a description of that "Back to school" story... 
only, it's in Finnish:

 >veljenpoikien matkattua koululaisvaihto-ohjelman puitteissa sumuiselle
 >Välimeren saarelle, osoittautuu saari hylätyksi koska kerran kuukaudessa
 >sammuneen tulivuoren takaa tulevat karvaiset oliot ryöstävät kaiken ruuan

(and we are not even certain that this describes the right story...)



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