spreading the donaldism-gospel

Theresa Wiegert f95thwi at dd.chalmers.se
Tue Mar 12 12:43:43 CET 2002

I had a quite funny experience - I bought the new weekly (Kalle Anka),
while waiting for the tram, and brought it to a small party with many
friends. The first story was Don Rosas (don't know the name) kindofsequel
to a matter of some gravity, where Magica makes a forgetthings spell on
our heros. I started reading it together with a friend, and we laughed a
great deal (It turned into a favourite story pretty quickly) - it was
hilarous! People thought we were being strange, as they have never
dicovered the wonderful universe of our feathered friends. But, they had
to see for themselves, so they started reading it as well, in couples
(it's hard to be more than 2 when you read a magazine like that), and
first they tried to stay calm, but after a while, they fell apart with
laughter, as they realized how brilliant the humour in it is! It was so
fun to look at them doing it!

We were at the house of 2 americans, and they didn't understand a thing
first - "donald duck? is that a comic? Can it be fun to
read? Strange...". I explained to them that it's a great way to learn a
new language better, so I let them keep it (they are currently studying

/Theresa, who just loves the stories with Magica, Scrooge and
Donald... And can't wait for the next one. 

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