On U.P.C.s and DUCKs

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Thu Mar 14 12:24:46 CET 2002


> Does any of the sites you've found explain the encoding? It would be great to make a real bar code.

Well, there was a lot of information. Try google with "universal product
code" as keywords, to get the list of sites that I searched.

To bring this discussion back on topic, and since the last digest was
mostly about D.U.C.K.s, could someone tell me where was the D.U.C.K. in
the money bin story? There didn't seem to be many places in the splash
panel where it could be hiding, and I couldn't find it in those few places
that seemed like they could.  What's more, there wasn't any reference
to it in the duckhunt pages, although there was one to the D.U.C.K from
"Forget it", which was discussed in the last digest.

I have the French edition in PM, if it makes any difference.

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