German Donald Duck Sonderheft

Heike und Sven taeger-troschke at
Sat Mar 16 16:20:20 CET 2002

  Hi all,

we recently talked about the title 'Donald Duck Sonderheft' which 
contains the best collection (here in Germany) of high class comic 
stories. The current issue not only features Don Rosa's 'The Sharpie of 
the Culebra Cut' but also the 'Counter Spy' story by Chase Craig, drawn 
by Al Taliaferro, which was also a topic on this list lately. It is the 
first in a series of Giveaway comics they are going to print in the next 

I was pleased to read that the publisher has now turned the 'Donald Duck 
Sonderheft' into a monthly title. Let's hope that they can maintain the 
high standard also on this monthly basis.


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