Dialect comics

Willem Hajenius willem.hajenius at ping.be
Sun Mar 17 13:35:37 CET 2002

> In the Netherlands, there was one Disney comic album published in the
> dialect of Limburg. (At least that's what I heard: I have never actually
> seen it!) The album contains Barks stories, including the forest fire story
> from VP#1.

Yeah, that's true! I've seen a copy of it at a second-hand sales event a few weeks ago. It's a copy
of Beste Verhalen 7 (BV 7), with all the lettering changed to the dialect form. My first impression
of it made me think it was from South Africa! :-) (For those of you living in Limburg, please don't
be offended...) If I had known you never saw it Harry I would've bought it...

Alexander Hajenius.

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