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Sun Mar 17 21:13:38 CET 2002

>While we're discussing this story, what was supposed to be in the
>scrolls under the pictures of 176-176 and the money bin on the
>splash panel? in the French edition they are empty.

In the Scandinavian edition, they contained the text "The Inheritage from 
Barks" (correct me anyone with better English than me!), where the most 
famous writers and drawers of today wrote stories about the Barks Characters 
in 2001 to show that Barks' creations still live strong after Barks' 100th 

If I remember this right:
William Van Horn made a story about Gyro Gearloose.
César Ferioli Pelaez made a story about Gladstone Gander.
Kari Korhonen made a story about the Junior Woodchucks.
Don Rosa made a story about the Beagle Boys and the Money Bin.
Victor Arriagada Rios (Vicar) drew a story about Flintheart Glomgold.
Romano Scarpa made a story about Scrooge McDuck.
Ignasi Calvet Estéban drew a story about April, May and June.
Marco Rota drew a story about Little Helper.
Daan Jippes made a story about neighbor J. Jones.
Daniel Branca drew a story about Magica de Spell.

I think that was all?

Anyhow, all of these stories had in the splash panel a circular frame with a 
picture of the "character", and under that a scroll containing the text "The 
inheritage from Barks".

However, since Don Rosa's story was about TWO Barks characters - the Beagle 
Boys AND the Money Bin - they mixed it up in Norway, and filled one of the 
scrolls (the one in the right) with the text "Script and drawings: Don Rosa" 
(with the Don Rosa signature of course, which I do get a feeling that they 
use as often as they can). However, originally both these scrolls contained 
a text something like "The inheritage of Barks" - just like 9 other scrolls 
in 9 other stories.

Was that a good enough answer?


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