On U.P.C.s and DUCKs

Shaun Craill scraill at methven.net
Sun Mar 17 23:57:52 CET 2002


>> Does any of the sites you've found explain the encoding? It would be
great to make a real bar code.

>Well, there was a lot of information. Try google with "universal product
>code" as keywords, to get the list of sites that I searched.

>To bring this discussion back on topic,...

Actually, I think this is very on topic.  As I understand it, the beginning
sequence of a barcode describes the country or state of origin of the
product.  Maybe we need to invent a code sequence for Calisota?

Here is a site I have used from time to time with good links on the topic
and an image generator:
http://www.milk.com/barcode/ <http://www.milk.com/barcode/> 


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