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Mon Mar 18 12:01:01 CET 2002

Don Rosa:

HF> On the other hand, I saw one of the ugliest drawings 
HF> of the nephews, on page 3.

> Thank you so much! You're too kind!
> (Waitaminit. There *wasn't* a Nephew on page 3. Oh, well...)

Did I say 3? I meant to say 9. Page 9, panel 3. Where HD&L wonder about
having normal uncles.

> this story was purposely intended to be a direct match to the
> plot (if not the details) of "A Matter of Some Gravity"

I didn't notice that yet! I saw some resemblances (and I actually expected a
bus driving by with the word "Gadducci" on it), but it didn't occur to me
that the plot would be a direct match. You mean page by page? I'll compare
the two stories tonight.

> "Super Snooper Strikes Again"
> which I designed as a sequel to Barks' original [..] the 
> editors removed
> *every last mention* in the story about its intention of 
> being read as a
> sequel. Therefore, that captious, resentful reader element 
> got all bent
> outta shape saying that I was "ripping off Carl Barks 
> stories, passing off
> old ideas as my own, what a mangy, low-down, wah wah wah.." etc.

I think I was one of the readers who said that I disliked that story very
much (though I didn't use the words you use). I still don't see how loads of
references to the original story change the fact that your sequel is just a
bunch of gags based on the original story, and trying to improve the
Aw well, we've discussed that before.

HF> I wasn't very delighted with the Finnish cover either.

> No kiddin'!? I was really proud of that cover!

I think Donald and Scrooge could have been better drawn. And the whole cover
looks too much like a super hero comic cover, maybe. "Too American" indeed
(if one can say that about Disney comics work...).

> if you can name a single scene in that story that 
> would have
> made sense as the cover that the Finns had requested, I'm 
> curious as to what it might be.

Hm. That's a difficult one. Maybe I can answer that after the Dutch used the
story and drew a cover for it. At least I hope that's what they'll do.


- *Don*, you write very good Duck stories.
- "Write"? "Duck"? "Stories"? "You mean someone actually told me where to
put those drawings with the odd-shaped people?"

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