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Geo geodiaz_79 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 20 01:18:38 CET 2002

 Hi everyone.  I don't mean to rant, but this is something every Duck fan should know about.  I bid on a signed Carl Barks poster and was defrauded by the seller (I got the poster, but not with Carl's signature).  I thought I should let any other possible buyers know about this ebay vendor.  Here is the item I bid on: 
When I asked the seller about it, this is reply I got:

Subj: Re: eBay Item # 1079093423 Scrooge Poster Signed by Carl BarksDate: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 5:26:39 PM Eastern Standard TimeFrom: Vern Mitchell <vernm2985 at comcast.net>To: Geodiaz79 at aol.com

I apologize for the confusion.  We only had one of the signed posters and several unsigned ones. When it was relisted, the title should have been changed but was not 'the body of the listing was changed to remove the signed by Carl Barks part, but unfortunately we did not catch the mistake in time prior to your auction.  Any, we would never get a signed Barks anything for onlyh $15.00!  If you wish you can return the poster for a full refund, we have other customers that will purchase it, or you can keep it for your bid price.  Please let us know either way.  I apologize for any inconvenience, we are very above board with our merchandise and stand behind everything we sell, so a refund is no problem if you are son inclined.

Vern & Teresa

Animation Station USA

This was my response:

Your 800 number that is listed on your Ebay store site is no longer in service.  The title and photo cleared showed and stated that the item was signed by Carl Barks.  I am aware of the value of Mr. Barks signature and therefore bid on the item because of it's inexpensive price.  I do not want a refund, I want the item I bid on and won and only under that circumstance would I return the unsigned poster I currently have recived.  To not provide that item is to defraud the buyer.  Since you have stated that that is not an option, I have no choice but to leave a negative feed back.  The item's price is not high enough to file a complaint with Ebay (fraudulent items have to have a price of 25 dollars or higher before shipping) so I cannot take that route.  Intentional or not is subjective, the black and white legal truth is that you have misrepresented your item on Ebay.  Ignorance on the part of the seller is not the concern of the buyer and that ignorance cannot be proven therefore it can only be taken as intentional.  I will not be interested in your other items and I will not be bidding on any of your items, ever.  I will also be posting your letter as well as your items Ebay posting on my Disney and Barks mailing lists as well as this letter I'm writing now.  I have collected Carl Barks item for years and finally (at the behest of friends and fellow collectors) joined Ebay, now all of my reasons for never joining before have been confirmed.  If this was simple ignorance please remember this event on your future postings because if this was valued just a little bit higher, you would have been reported for fraud and your Ebay account may have been jeopardized.  Again, the title and photo cleared showed and stated that the item was signed by Carl Barks and that was not the item you have sent me nor will you produce said item, therefore I will be posting negative feedback.Good day,Jehovany Diaz (Geo)


Don't mean to rant to everyone, but I thought I should let you guys know.


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