Whitman 3-pack

Alecto alecto at goulburn.net.au
Thu Mar 21 13:36:54 CET 2002

> 2) Recently on e-bay someone sold a 3-pack with DD222, He said, this comics
> is rarest than US179, is it possible? or it said about 3-pack with each
> comic?
> what can you tell me about 3-pack with these kind of comic (DD222, US179,
> WDC480, MM208)
> I'm very sorry for my english
> Sincerely
>                                                                 Paolo
> Bontempi

A lot of the rare 3 pack issues ended up in Australia (imported as waste paper),
some were sold in packs here, while others had their covers removed and were
rebound in lots of 5 issues into giant comics.

How rare are DD222, WDC480, and MM208?, I have 2 copies of M208 and 1 of D222.


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