Michael Naiman Whitman response

UNDBKB@aol.com UNDBKB at aol.com
Thu Mar 21 19:40:05 CET 2002

(From Michael Naiman)
#1: the desciption reads as if this book is in GOOD condition..
the color touch causes a lowering of the overall grade
the 3" cut is also a problem

#2:    I can tell you that I own a three pack with Uncle Scrooge #178; WDC&S 
and Donald Duck #221
        that's close, eh?

also, to the best of my knowledge...there is only one example in existence of 
unopened bagged Whitman
3 pack containing UNCLE SCROOGE  #179.

within the last two years, I have seen more U$ 179 offered for sale than DD 



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