Ebay Swindle

Fabio Blanco longtom at oeste.com.ar
Thu Mar 21 14:59:18 CET 2002

Wow that sounded like a mixture of Daddy Hardy talking the moral to Mickey
Rooney and Dolph Lundgreen reporting news of the front to Arnold

"Yes, sir, "Lighten up" sir, I'll take my refund or keep the poster, sir.
Errr... Sir!!



> I think you are not being fair to this seller.
> He is offering a refund, and apologizing for his mistake.
> You knew the price was too good to be true!
> Take a lesson, from this experience.
> He left you, your first positive feedback, and bent over backwards to
> accomodate you.
> Maybe after you have actually lost money or you have really been swindled
> a seller, you will realize this is not the case here!
> LIGHTEN UP! Take the refund or keep the poster.
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