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Hi all,
     Should have sent this in earlier, but usually when I read my e-mail it 
is late at night and I don't always have all cylinders running....
     Anyway, for another week or two, McDonald's(that fine Scottish eating 
establishment known the world over with, "Billions and Billions served)" is 
running a Happy Meal promotion called "100 years of Magic"  which is how the 
Disney Company is celebrating what would have been Unca Walt's 100th 
birthday.  There are 100 PVC figures with a base including many characters 
you might not usually find.  Of special interest to us here, would be that 
there is a Scrooge McDuck figure as well as a figure of Huey, Dewey and 
Louie.  There are "only" three Mickey Mouse figures, but two are way cool( I 
think!) one is a black and white Steamboat Willie and the second is Mickey in 
his conductor's jacket from The Band Concert.   The are figures from all the 
animated features right up to last summers Atlantis.
<<<<A HREF="">McDonald's USA - Happy Meal Featuring Walt Disney World 100 Years of Magic 
Celebration - Checklist</A>>>>
     Happy hunting!

                                  Michael Feldman 
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