Euro as currency in Disney comics?

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Sun May 5 14:04:08 CEST 2002

"Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr." wrote:

> Hi, everybody!

> And now my first question in here:
> In Scandinavia the original $ on the wall of Scrooges
> Money Bin is replaced with the letters KR (a
> shortening for kroner/kronor = NOK, DKK and SEK) and
> kroner/kronor is the the currency in Andeby/Ankeborg.
> How is this in countries (like Germany, France, Italy,
> Netherlands, Finland, Greece and Spain) which changed
> their currency into Euro from January 1st 2002, has
> the Eurosign now replaced the old symbol/shortening on
> the wall of Scrooges Money Bin as well? And is Euro
> now currency in Entenhausen, Donaldville, Paperopoli,
> Duckstad, Ankkalinna, etc.?

> Best regards from
> Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr. (Norway)

In Germany they use "Taler" and "Kreuzer" (old currency in Germany
until the 1870s - as far as I know) instead of Dollars and
Cents, the Euro hasn't changed anything.
I think they decided not to use the German currency when the first
Disney comics came up here in the Fifties (well, first
they were using "Mark" and "Pfennig", but that suddenly changed after
a few months), because they wanted to show that "Entenhausen" isn't
situated in Germany.
On Scrooge's money bin there are always his German initials "DD" (Dagobert Duck),
so nothing has changed since the Euro is the new currency.

Arne Voigtmann

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