DCML digest #916

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Mon May 6 08:26:44 CEST 2002

From: bi442 at lafn.org (Rob Klein)
>>>For Don: Oops! Sorry! I DO remember your having commented on the coin
earlier, when we had long discussions over that subject.

Um... but now that I think about it, this particular thread was begun by
someone who thought it might be significant that Barks said in one story
that $crooge got gold dust on him from swimming in the money, so the money
must be gold coins. I can at least address that new idea...
I can see perfectly the thought process behind this comment -- for plot
purposes, Barks needed to invent an on-the-spot instant skin affliction for
$crooge. When we need an idea for gags or explanations, I would guess his
brain worked the same as mine:
* It had to be explainable in one balloon.
* It should involve $crooge's skin pores being clogged.
* Something that might clog them is dirt... or dust.
* Gold dust is something that is heard a lot about, due to prospector's
activities. (We never hear of silver dust or copper dust.)
* But why would $crooge be getting gold dust on himself? The gold dust would
have to enter $crooge's pores due to something he did often.
* $crooge swims in his money every day. Perfect.
* But... why would there be gold dust in the coins more than in other things
in $crooge's life? Or is that even true? Not important. Irrelevant to the
* (And for that matter, who says the doctor is correct in his diagnosis in
the first place?)

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