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Mon May 6 13:19:34 CEST 2002

>> "Nton Rosa" (which should have been "Nton R[omega]
>> sa", actually).

>Omega? You mean the second "o" we have in Greek? Nop,
>Don Rosa is spelled Nton Rosa in Greek (Íôïí Ñüóá, if
>you have a greek font), with the normal "o".
>The second Greek "o" is like "w". "W" is like 2 vv
>together. The Greek one is like 2 uu together.

We talked about this before - 
when I was in Greece october 1999 Dyonysis and I confronted the editors
with the spelling-mistake or whatever it is. I think the case is that Rosa
in Komix is spelled with the one s (sigma) whereas it should be a zeta, or
the other way around. What the editors took to defend themselves with was
the fact that the other s would make Don's last name sound like the girl's
name Rosa. - But hmmm... isn't that the same - aren't both the girls name
and the last name originating in the italian word for the flower rose? - 
Another thing we talked about then was the spelling of Barks - becoming
Mparks, which could have been Mparx (?) - but that would have caused to
much confusion...

But as it said in a danish book about Barks (Peter Hartung, manden og
Anden) - Barks won over Marx. - And I'm just quoting that - I'm not saying
it is right nor that Barks was a capitalist - in many of his stories I get
tears in my eyes because it's so social and shows the Duckburg socity as
it is some places. 

BTW I thought Entenhausen was situated exactly in germany - only
Entenhausen, the german version. But many german donaldists don't agree,
do they? - The name-giving was made as to show it was situated some place
in Germany, or Austria or Switzerland. Maybe Taler and Kreuzer to not
remind too much about the inflation of the 20'es and the things that
followed - sorry. 

Anders Christian Sivebæk

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