Virus from Harry Fluks

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Mon Oct 7 21:33:49 CEST 2002

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> I hope it's something you can get rid of, Harry. But howcome it quotes a
message? Did it pick
> something you sent to use as a camouflage? Or can it be an "exterior
virus" that scanned, say, the
> DCML or anyone's else mail, copied this bit of  message and Harry's
address, and is now genereting
> these things? The fact that it doesn't use Harry's address (or maybe it's
just an address you don't
> use on the DCMl) seems to confirm this.

It is most likely that the virus was *not* sent by Harry:

* Most viruses are sent from other addresses and people than specified.
* Harry was in Denmark when that virus was sent, meaning that his computer
was turned off.
* If Harry's name was included, that's wrong too: Harry's name isn't
mentioned in the "from" field in ordinary mails, only his e-mail address.
* Harry's e-mail address was wrong.


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