dutch duck

Roy Kooijman r.kooijman4 at chello.nl
Tue Oct 8 19:05:02 CEST 2002

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> Last saturday, several dutch magazine collectors (even 2 DCML-members)
> met in Utrecht. When all participants in this meeting combine their 
> collections, they own most post-WWII Dutch magazines. Unfortunately, 
> the years 1955 and 1959 of the dutch weekly are, except a few issues,
> not in any participants collection. If any of the members of this list

> owns these issues (or knows anybody who does), and is willing to share
> the info on these issues with us, please contact me at 
> agememnon75 at yahoo.com

Hi Age

Interesting to learn a few dutch disney fans met!
What kind of info are you looking for, I have those years complete.


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