Donna & Mac

Rich Bellacera xephyr at
Sun Oct 13 19:48:53 CEST 2002

Thanks for the replies Armando & Luca.  Very helpful.

Can you tell me if Donna looked very much as she did in the cartoon (see 
this link) ?  It's good 
to know that Donna was indeed thought to be two distinctly different 
lady ducks in Donald's life.  Armando, can you also scan a panel or two 
of that August 1951 comic strip from Al Taliaferro featuring the two 
Ducks on stage with Donald so we/I can see the difference between the 
Latina there and Donna, if any?  It could serve as further visual proof 
that, at least in the mind of Mr. Taliaferro, Donna was definitely NOT 

Also, Armando, I have a lot of space available on the server provided by 
my new ISP, so I'd love to display whatever picture you have of Donald's 
pal Mac.  In your references, is Mac only available in Black & White or 
do they have a colorized version of him?  

I, too, would love to see the Donna and Mac stories reproduced, as well 
as many other features, such as the old Panchito and Jose Carioca 
newspaper strips.

Thanks again, guys.

Rich Bellacera
xephyr at

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