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Mon Oct 14 18:50:17 CEST 2002

Martin Olsen said:
> I can confirm that the Mexican lady duck appearing in the Donald Duck 
> dailies in August 1951 was indeed named Donna. We never get to 
> know har last name - even her mailbox has only "Señorita Donna".
> The continuity ran for two weeks, from August 7 to August 18, 1951. 
> In the last strip Donald is introduced by Donna to her fiancé, Manuel 
> Gonzales!

Heh!!! Unless I totally misunderstood that last comment...That's GREAT! 
Does Mr. Gonzales then actually appear in thecomic strip?  If so, is he a
"duckbill" also? :-) 

That's a great fact and would explain why Donald moved on from Donna 
to Daisy since he no longer had any prospects of a future with Donna. 

Furthermore, if we speculate that Donna is INDEED Daisy's sister, 
AND the mother of April, May and June... it wouldn't be that much 
further of a stretch to say the Mr. Gonzales is their FATHER.... It 
would also tell us that the Triplet girls are NOT surnamed "Duck" 
(even though they are still from the "Duck" lineage).  I guess these
are things Mr. Guilles Maurice would surely want to note. LOL!

Thanks, Rich
xephyr at

Wow... how many answers can come from one name??? LOL!

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