DCML Messages in attachments

Kai Saarto ksaarto at mbnet.fi
Thu Oct 17 05:46:24 CEST 2002

Strange problem. Usually attachments can be opened by clicking the 
envelope-icon in the upper right corner of the message - or there is a 
link in the end of the message (depends on the software you're using). 
You are not required the get any new software to open them.

However, I suggest you try unsubscribing and then subscribing right back 
to the list. This might fix the problem by itself. Problem might have 
something to do with the digest-format.

Rob Klein wrote:
> Greetings fellow members. I am now back home, after working several months in 
> Germany. During my time there, I noticed that the form of my receiving DCML 
> digested messages changed to an envelope note with no message, which contained 
> the messages in the form of attachments. I was not able to open those 
> attachments while away from my own desktop computer (I have no notebook 
> computer).  I was not sure whether or not this same state of affairs would 
> exist when on my home computer.  To my dismay, it does.  I speculate that my 
> built in security system is preventing their opening.  But, I am not sure of 
> that. I am very shaky, when it comes to computer and internet-related topics 
> and knowledge. I wrote a note to Per to find out what computer downloading 
> tools or configurations are needed to open the attachments.  He has not yet 
> answered me.  I have observed that many of you are very knowledgeable about 
> computers and the internet.  I can tell you that I have "Acrobat Reader", in 
> addition to the "normal" screening, reading and downloading tools built in to 
> any desktop computer from the "major" PC makers (in 1997 - when mine was 
> built).  Currently, I must go to the DCML Archives to read new messages.  This 
> is inconvenient,-compared to having the messages sitting right there in my e-
> mail every morning.  Is there anyone who can tell me the secret to opening the 
> attachments?  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,  Rob Klein  

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