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> There is a flashback when it is asked to Donnald when he had got his car,
> he talks about the film "Don Donald "(Daisy and me shot a film years
> He tells that, as daisy didn't want to see this stupid donkey anymore, he
> bought a car... So Donna is a part Daisy would play as an actress...

I remember that story as well. I don't have it now, but if I remember right,
the italian version said Daisy and Donald had been called as main actors,
while they were meant to be sidekicks, because the true actors were sick.
Could this mean Donna was supposed to play herself in the movie, and after
her illness the role went to Daisy? This would explain why the two of them
are meant to be two different girls even if they play the same role.

> But in the story Rich showed us with the meeting of the two girls, I don't
know a word of Italian, but it seems, as Italian is close to French, that
they didn't meet or even know eachother before the story happens, so they
cannot be sisters...

You're right, they don't seem knowing each other a lot. Daisy's looking for
Donald, and Donna knows her just because she heard Donald speaking 'bout her
("Good heavens! I'd have never recognised you, according to Donald's
About April, May and June, if their last name is "Duck", and Daisy is not
Donna's sister as it appears in the comic... there was a short movie, whom
title I don't recall right now, with Donald dreaming to marry Daisy. In the
dream, he knew her family, and her three brothers, looking much like Huey,
Dewey and Louie. Nobody spoke of a sister. One of those brothers is supposed
to be Della Duck's husband: this way, Huey, Dewey and Louie's last name is
"Duck" from both parents. Also, one of the two remaining brothers may have
married Donna - years later Donald's introduction to Mr.Gonzales - and could
be the father of April, May and June. This would explain why the twins are
neices of Daisy and daughters of Donna even if the two girls didn't know
each other at the time of "Don Donald" and the comics.

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