Viruses keep coming from Apostolis?

Apostolis Trikourakis komixgreekpage at
Thu Oct 24 00:06:03 CEST 2002

Hi all

I'm not responsible for that mess, that's sure! I
don't have an internet access for 3 weeks now. I
bought a new one 3-4 days ago. These 3-4 days I'm
receiving almost 10 e-mails with viruses every day
from Anders, dcml and a dozen of other people! I
haven't sent not even one e-mail these days so I think
that the virus itself is doing the job. I just delete
these e-mails because I know that the virus is
replying itself. Why to send viruses to you, anyway?
Best Wishes

Apostolis Trikourakis, Athens, Greece
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