Dr Vulter (to the COA team, especially Fran çois)

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   I found four books in a bookshop in Aix en Provence that i'll index when i've time :
*"La fabuleuse histoire de Mickey", Le livre de Paris, 1978 (1re édition : 1970)
*"Bandes Dessinées - 1932-1951", Hachette Edi-Monde, 1981
(both indexed in coa as "Grands albums blancs Le Livre de Paris/Hachette")
* two albums of the collection "l'âge d'or de Mickey" : "Mickey et l'île volante " and "Mickey agent secret" (i already had "Mickey sur la piste du gorille")
François, i also found but didn't buy albums of Pascal "Mezzo" Mesemberg and pirus. i didn't know they had made cimicbooks. There was even a book that published drawings by mezzo, and among them a non-disney drawing published in PM (the one with the thumb-men)

entitled "des personnages "historiques"", with gottfredson's characters, the date of their appearances, their french names and their original names... (i'll list them in another mail)

In coa, you say that Dr Vulter's french name is "Laurent Outang"
In the "des personnages "historiques"" pages, we see that his french name is simply "Docteur Vulter", and that there is indeed a "Laurent-Houtant", which is the french name for a cat character with box gloves called "Creamo Catnera", who appeared in 1931...
you should correct this...

In "Bandes Dessinées - 1932-1951", all the bucky bug silly symphonies are published!!! there is even a map of their city, Junkville, and Flyburg city, that i'll probably add in my maps section...

Au revoir!!!

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