"war" against "virus-terrorism"

sigvald@duckburg.dk sigvald at duckburg.dk
Sun Oct 27 20:51:42 CET 2002

Rich Bellacera <xephyr at cwnet.com> wrote:

>> Almost everytime I open my mailbox there is 2-3 viruses
>> with D.U.C.K.hunter-names conected to them. So I am now
>> about to be really fed up of this virus shit!!! If this
>> is not stopped soon I'll consider leaving this group!!!
> I'm just glad you are not experiencing what I was getting
> back when I used my "xephyr at jps.net" address.  My mailbox
> was constantly filling up with more than 90 virus-infected
> e-mails each day, and as soon as I would delete the e-mails
> it would start them coming again, each time using up my
> allotted server-space.  At first I hoped that by NOT 
> receiving and deleting the e-mails, those that exceeded my
> space would bounce back to the offending harddrive and the
> person would get a clue that their harddrive was infected,
> but after several weeks I finally just closed out that
> e-mail address and moved on to a new one. It was a hopeless
> battle to which I finally had to surrender.

Well I won't stop my "war" against "virus-terrorism", I can promise you that!!! That war *can* and *will* be won if the experts (like Soren Krarup Olesen) on DCML fights back. I sent two virusfiles over to Soren earlier today and hope that he'll now do his part of the job to stop this mess - go get that son of a b.... Soren!!!

Sigvald :-)

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