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Mon Oct 28 21:23:40 CET 2002

David Gerstein wrote:
>>> I've visited your page. Mostly I liked it very much, except that I see 
that you repeat the concept of Daisy and Donna> being sisters, with Donna 
being the mother of April, May, and June. 

I wanted to be as neutral as possible in this page, and i didn't want to show 
*my* opinion, but all the opinions tat have been evocated, and the 
possibility of Donna being Daisy's sister was an opinion often evocated, not 
only by fans, but by Disney creators (Don Rosa himself told it was a good 

Sigvald wrote:
>>>Another possibility is that there is two Donnas:
1) The one who appeared before Daisy in the 1930's (Daisy's look-alike).
2) The Mexican girl from the 1951-story.

I've already thought about this possibility, but as it had never been 
evocated before, i didn't put it in the page.

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