Some historical questions sigvald at
Mon Oct 28 22:53:45 CET 2002

Hi all!

I have some historical question which I hope Don or someone
else here can answer?

1) Both Carl Barks and Don Rosa show McDucks (Scots) who are
sailing as officers together with Englishmen in the 16th century
(Matey McDuck onboard "The Falcon" in 1564) and (Malcolm McDuck
onboard "The Golden Hind" in 1579). However England and Scotland
wasn't united before 1603. Does anyone of you know if it was
normal that Scots sailed as officers onboard English ships before

2) In "His Majesty, McDuck" Don Rosa shows Cornelius Coot's
memoirs in which is said about the US Western Coast: "In 1819
King Ferdinand gave up all a' Spain's land in these parts".
However Encyclopaedia Britannica says that Mexico didn't
become independent before 1821. How is this explained?

Sigvald :-)

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