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Arthur Faria Jr. said:
> All Brazilian stories where Gabi appears were published in 1996,
> 1997 and 2000, *except* one that is from 1992. But as far as I 
> know, this one is an old unused non-Disney script created by 
> Abril Jovem studio (when they used to produce even non-Disney
> scripts) which was adapted later to become a Joe Carioca story. 

Interesting.  So Gabi was created for the Carioca Universe in 
order to adapt this unused non-Disney script? Now she is a regular.  
Thanks for that insight.

> So, the first Gabi's story is in fact B 960233 "Boca Livre",
> where Rosinha introduces Carioca to her newly-arrived niece 
> (and then Joe has to wear a silly Easter rabbit costume just
> to amuse the spoiled girl).

I have this comic! :-)  I didn't know that was her first appearance.

> There are 10 stories with Gabi, but only two of them
> feature Gabi annoying Zico and Zeca (Carioca's nephews) in
> a way somewhat similar to Melody with Mickey's nephews.

Hmmm. Now I wonder if Gabi has a "twin" (like Melody & Millie),
too?  Of course, her twin's name would have to be Xena. 
Just kidding.  LOL! :-)

> Gabi usually annoys Carioca himself every time he tries to
> go out with Rosinha (and Rosinha's father, Rocha Vaz, really
> enjoys that! ;-)

Then, do you think *that* is her primary role in the Carioca
Universe?  Poor Jose.  He has such a laundry list of bad things
that are just waiting for him when he awakes each day. :-)


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